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I'm so excited to showcase our 2019 Year in Review Book and to share a tutorial on HOW I make my family yearbooks. I’ve been making these family yearbooks for several years now and they are BIG keepsakes in our family.

My mom used to scrapbook all of our family’s memories by hand which we absolutely LOVE! But, I don’t have her handy craft skills, so Shutterfly is a great alternative because it is DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING.

Here are some highlight pictures of some of my past family book projects I have made through Shutterfly:

Whenever I post about my Shutterfly book on Instagram, I get soooo many messages and comments asking me:

1) How do you make family photo-books and

2) How much time does it take you to make this?

So, in this YouTube video I walk you through my process of how I make my Shutterfly year in review book.

A big thank you to Shutterfly for sponsoring today’s video! We are grateful to team up in a collaboration with Shutterfly because it is our favorite brand to make and create personalized gifts. Just in case you don’t know, Shutterfly also offers so much more than just photobooks. Shutterfly offers cards, stationary, calendars, prints, wall decor, personalized toys, pillow cases, shirts, magnets, ornaments…even personalized necklaces.

This necklace I am wearing in this picture is a double sided gold necklace that I just got from Brynlee for my Valentine’s Day present. It’s a personalized necklace that says "mama" on the front and then Brynlee’s name and birthdate on the back of it. I love it and the quality will make this last forever.

I also just bought a new 16 by 20 print to put in a picture frame we have in our living room and then just ordered some 4 by 6 pictures to send out to some family.

Here are some example pages that I demonstrate creating in the YouTube tutorial video from our 2019 Year in Review Book:

Excited for you to create your own memories through Shutterfly that you will cherish forever! Let me know if you have any questions and happy creating!!

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