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OE child shoulder carrier by Our Expedition LLC:

You can learn more and how to properly adjust the carrier on OE Carrier’s Website:

We did a lot of hiking and backpacking last summer as a family of 3! In every hiking video we would vlog, we would always comment that we NEEDED a baby/toddler carrier.

We tried different brands and neither Jared/I or Brynlee liked any of them...if you have seen our hiking Boulder Lake in the Trinity Alps video, you might remember that we actually resorted to bringing our stroller on that very long hike....and things got a little interesting on those steep rugged trails! We loved hiking as a family, and we think it's great that Brynlee can walk a lot by herself now, but on those LONG hikes that are miles and miles long---it just isn't doable for Brynlee to walk that far and that much at the speed we often need to go at to complete those long hikes.

We kept trying different carriers and we weren't big fans of any of them---they just weren't comfortable but more importantly Brynlee also was not a big fan of sitting in them---so sometimes we would end up carrying her or letting her walk while we had to keep wearing those bulky hiking carriers with her not even in it.

When the company, Our Expedition reached out to us to try their new shoulder carrier, we were willing to try it but a little skeptical since no other carriers worked for our family.

We have used it several times now and once we learned how to properly adjust it--- we are recommending this carrier to all of our friends with toddlers who love hiking. We are also excited that Our Expedition is sponsoring our review video today, so keep reading to the end because we are teaming up to give away 3 Our Expedition carriers, which you can learn how to enter on our YouTube video or Instagram page @the_fife_life.

Our Expedition carrier's recommended use is for toddlers ages 1-5 years old- the weight limit is 55 pounds and the height limit is 45 inches.

The carrier's frame is made of aluminum and stainless steel and the fabric is waterproof polyester. The carrier is 5.5 pounds with the backpack and then 3.4 pounds without the backpack.

It is measured 24 by 14 by 6 inches when it is folded so it also could fit under an airplane seat which makes it convenient taking it while flying.

We really appreciate how the carrier comes with an adjustable extension bar for taller parents- like Jared and I-that helps lift your child’s weight off your shoulders! That was a huge problem with the carrier I used on our backpacking trip---I really think the trip could have been more enjoyable if it was just a bit more comfortable making the long hike there and back.

The lightweight & removable backpack easily fits a lot of hiking and outdoor gear and it has plenty of pockets and clips to keep everything organized. It even has space for a hydration pack. ⁣The carrier comes with a sun shield (which we have used for rainy hiking days too) and I especially love how there is a waist strap AND ankle straps to help the child stay extra safe while going on what feels like a shoulder ride! ⁣I also like when Brynlee wants to walk, it has a foldable frame that makes it look like you are just wearing a backpack.

⁣ The child literally has the best view (other carriers made Brynlee feel claustrophobic and she couldn’t really see around us as we were hiking) and how cute it this- it even comes with matching hats- one for the parent and one for your toddler.

This carrier has all the organizational perks that you need while hiking- but more importantly it is easy to carry.

You can watch our YouTube video to see us using the OE Carrier in action! Don't forget to check out our YouTube video:

or Instagram page @the_fife_life to enter the giveaway.

Giveaway will run February 26-29, 2020. GOOD LUCK!

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