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iPlay, iLearn Toy Review

This is a sponsored post in exchange for our honest review.

iPlay, iLearn is founded by an early years teacher and mother. The company aims to provide toys that are entertaining which incorporates imagination, critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork.

The company provides toys for all ages! A big reason why we were first interested in collaborating with this company is because their toys have been recognized with the title of Amazon’s Choice. The toys are also quickly becoming best selling products.

We have loved playing with iPlay, iLearn's:

Doctor Kit:

Plush Baby Rattles:

Hopping Unicorn:

After receiving, playing, and using these toys for months, we can see why they are best-selling products. Brynlee's very own doctor kit is one of her favorites. I think Brynlee is going to grow up to be in the medical field, like her dad, by the way she loves this little doctor kit.

Doctor Kit:

The Doctor Kit consist of 35 toys that can fit in the easy to carry doctor case. Brynlee's favorite piece is the stethoscope because it makes a heartbeat sound and lights up when you press it. She also loves the otoscope that lights up like a flashlight. The doctor's hat, apron, and glasses are perfect to complete the official "doctor look."

Brynlee also loves carrying around her little house purse that came with 4 soft plush rattles. The rattles are so easy for babies to hold. The rattles have a jingle sound that is fun for baby to hear, but won't make you go crazy with hearing it all day. ;) The rattles are colorful and I love how they are all unique being different animals and shapes.

Plush Baby Rattles:

These toys are so great for inside and outside play.

She just got their Hopping Unicorn and she already loves it. It's so easy for her to hold onto the ears as she bounces on it. I love how it is made out of soft plush material. It feels like a stuff animal and it doesn't irritate her skin like rubber would. It completely unzips, so I can put it in the washing machine when it gets dirty.

The Hopping Unicorn has a wide base to help kids balance on it. I initially thought that Brynlee would be too young for it (she is currently 18 months), but she can hop on it, and get on and off all on her own. She will be using this toy for the next few years!

Hopping Unicorn:

We highly recommend these toys! You can learn more about their mission and products by visiting their website at: or their instagram @iplayilearntoys.

They offer a variety of toys from teething, activity walkers, musical toys, outdoor sports, and more.

To buy your own Hopping Unicorn, the first 30 buyers who use promo code: "20FIFELIFE" will receive 20% off their purchase. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Thank you to iPlay, iLearn for also sponsoring our Morning Routine video where we showcase Brynlee playing with some of her favorite toys from iPlay, iLearn. Watch the full video on our YouTube channel below.

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