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This product was gifted to me for my honest review, and I can honestly say that I LOVE the BOB REVOLUTION FLEX 3.0 stroller. Brynlee and I have been going on daily walks every day since she was a newborn. Her previous strollers did the job, but if I had only known how much BETTER our walks would have been with the BOB stroller, I wish I had the BOB stroller a year ago! (And how our walks are better, I mean that it is literally EASIER to push the BOB stroller while walking and running.)

It feels like you are gliding on the ground with it. We would often get stuck in our old stroller and I couldn't take it on trails because it was often too bumpy for my daughter to ride in. Now, we literally can take the stroller ANYWHERE. This video was filmed at the Redwoods National Forest with all different types of trails. (Our last stroller would have struggled with a few of the trails that we went on and would have limited our accessibility in deciding where to go.) The BOB Revoltion Flex 3.0 literally does better on the trails than my husband's mountain bike. ;)

A few features that I LOVE: The stroller has a wristband that you can wear while running and you can lock the front wheel if you are running on a straight trail as a safety feature. The little window on top (called the peak and chat window) has a ventilated flap which makes it easier to hear your child talk to you and it uses magnets to hold it in place (which is a lot better than the previous model that had velcro.)

The sun shade (which is UPF 50+) has different levels to help keep the visor all the way up, halfway, or completely covering the child's view (which is good for when they are taking a nap). It is easy to fold, store, and set up.

There is a zipper compartment on the back of the stroller, as well as a nice cargo compartment at the bottom to fit more things we bring with us. There is a reason why BOB strollers have been named the number one jogging stroller. I love how this stroller isn't just for jogging on the trails or paths, but you can also take this stroller anywhere like the grocery store, church, mall, airport..etc. My daughter really enjoys riding in the BOB Revolution Flex Stroller. It is made of comfortable material and straps and has great legroom. She can easily fall asleep in the stroller too....even when we are on super rough trails (like the one shown at the end of this video).

I don't know any other stroller that could have gone as smooth over the bumps, rocks, and roots as the BOB stroller did on the Redwoods National Forests trails. I think the only negative aspect with the Bob Revolution Flex Stroller is that it is expensive. So, is the BOB Revolution Flex Stroller worth the money? While everyone needs to evaluate how often they will use the stroller, for me, it is worth it! I plan on using this stroller for the next 10 years (and like I mentioned above, we go on on a walk or run every day).

Quality pays for itself and I think that it is worth investing in quality equipment and products, especially if it's a product that will help you get outside and get more exercise. Where is your favorite place to go with your BOB stroller?

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