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I remember when I was pregnant, I asked so many moms what baby products they loved and recommended.

Now that Brynlee is almost 1 year old, I have learned my fair share of products that I have LOVED and then other products that I didn't like or utilize as much.

I have so many friends who are pregnant right now... YAY!!! So, this post is for all of you who are searching for some baby product recommendations. I hope this blog post helps give you some new ideas of what to buy your baby.

(And I'm TRYING not to be too irritated by the format of this blog post...all of the link pictures are not straight and even how I would like it to be...but after trying to fix it for an hour ;) I'm just going to go with DONE is being better than perfect ;)

Let me know if you have any questions and for convenience, I listed the product price as well. Also, feel free to share if you also have used these products and let me know what baby products made it to your TOP list!

I have personally used all of these products that are below. This post contains affiliate links which means at no additional cost to you, if you click through an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission. Thank you for supporting our blog if you buy any of these items through my personal links. :)


One of my most asked questions is where I bought my diaper bag. I really wanted a Fawn Design bag, but those were SO expensive, so I found this replica and have been absolutely obsessed with it. It has 7 interior pockets, 6 exterior pockets, can fit everything I need, actually affordable and cute!! It also comes with convertible shoulder straps and a diaper pad. (Before I had the Alice Unique bag, I used the Skip Hop Baby Changing pad when we were on the go, and I love how it has pockets on the inside and outside to fit extra supplies like diapers and wipes.)

A breastfeeding cover makes life so much easier because it allows me to feed Brynlee wherever I go. They also can be multi-functional as you can often turn the cover into a blanket, a carseat cover, or a shopping cart cover.

The organization pockets help keep our car clean (because it used to be a mess with Brynlee's toys and snacks everywhere). A backseat mirror gives me peace of mind when I am driving Brynlee around by myself (so I can make sure she is doing okay if she is being quiet.)

Also, PACIFIER WIPES!!! Ah, I wish I would have discovered these wipes sooner than 5 months. They are a lifesaver, especially when Brynlee used to bring her pacifier everywhere we would go. (Now, she only uses it at bedtime).

Also, Brynlee didn't enjoy baby carriers (like the popular Tula or Moby) but she would go into the Lalabu Soothe Shirt if we were out hiking or outside.

You can read more about Lalabu HERE.

Or watch our YouTube Video:

I really wish I would have found the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock sooner. I don't know how you can go shopping with a newborn baby (they can't sit up yet and the car seat in the cart takes up ALL the do you make room for groceries.) This made it SO much easier to shop with Brynlee.

Read More HERE.

Or watch our YouTube video:


I really love the MAM pacifiers and Herobility pacifiers.

(Side note: I also like Herobility's sippy cups) because the pacifiers glow in the dark...which makes it easier to find at night. The Rohm is a GREAT white noise machine and I love how it is so portable. I also like the Baby Shusher (I bought it at 10 months and they recommend it works best for newborns and young babies. Although, the noise does calm Brynlee down when she is fussy on long car rides). The NoseFrida....definitly a must when baby is sick. It is so much easier to use than the rubber bulb syringe. It is such a great way to help baby feel instantly less congested. (genius product!) I've heard that the average a baby gets a head cold during their first year is 7! Brynlee has been sick less than that average, but when she has been sick, the NoseFrida has been so helpful!

The nail scissors are a TON easier to use than the baby nail clippers. (I was always worried about accidentally cutting Brynlee...the scissors make it nearly impossible to accidentally slip).

I liked the Halo swaddles because it unzipped at the bottom...making it easy for night time diaper changes. But, as Brynlee got older, it didn't fit her as well and she would break the swaddle on her own. I then became a huge fan of the Ollie Swaddle because you could still untie it easy at night for quick diaper changes and as she got bigger, it wouldn't bunch up around her face. It is made of moisture wicking material (making it more breathable and she wouldn't wake up sweating at night). Also, the heavy duty velco made it impossible for Brynlee to break out of it.

You can read more about the Ollie Swaddle HERE.

Or watch our YouTube video about the Ollie Swaddle:


I think the Milliard Crib Mattress is great quality. The company says that it's waterproof, meaning you don't necessarily need a mattress cover or sheets, but I read some mixed reviews and decided to buy some bedding for the crib mattress anyways. Blackout curtains were also a must for Brynlee (or else she won't fall asleep).

We put a pack n play in our room for Brynlee to sleep in before Brynlee transitioned over to her own room in her crib. A pack n play is sooo useful. We still have it set up in our kitchen, so if I'm cooking or cleaning and can't have Brynlee right at my feet, she can play in her pack n play for a bit.

We just put up our Christmas tree and didn't want Brynlee pulling down ornaments, so we bought a baby gate...and I wish I would have bought this sooner!!!

I've written about the DockATot before....I used the Duluxe DockATot a lot more as a multi-functional lounger, but still think the Grand makes Brynlee's bed extra cozy.

You can read more of my thoughts: HERE.

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Vlog talking about the Grand:

DIAPERS I've tried a few different diaper brands and PAMPERS is my favorite. (More durable and comfortable than other diaper brands). The wetness indicator (a line on the diaper will change to blue when it is wet) was especially helpful when Brynlee was a newborn so we could track her wet diapers more easily.)

I buy two different kinds of wipes to save money ;) I usually use the Amazon wipes for a wet diaper and then Kirkland wipes for a poopy diaper.

The booster pad has helped eliminate night-time leak outs. Instead of buying night-time diapers (that I couldn't find any good reviews on), the booster pad works great!


I produced a TON of milk, especially when Brynlee was a newborn so I would have to pump in between feedings (and when Brynlee was sleeping the whole night, I pumped twice because I would wake up so uncomfortable from being so engorged. Just in case an emergency happened, I stored the extra pumped milk in freezer bags. I never used them but it gave me peace of mind that I had a 3 month milk supply. (I received a free breast-pump through my insurance...Call your insurance company for more information on how to receive a free pump too).

I didn't use the breastfeeding pillow very often because Brynlee was a tiny baby and then as she got bigger, I would feed her while lying down. But, if your baby is heavy and you like to nurse while sitting, this pillow helps your posture which can prevent neck and back pain due to nursing.

The Homia food processor made it so easy to make homemade baby food. I also like how it has a sterilizing setting (so I can sanitize Brynlee's binxys and teething toys too).

We decided to go cheap on the high chair and get a small booster seat that we have on a kitchen chair. It isn't the most beautiful baby product, but it does the job! I love how the bowls have a suction on them (so Brynlee can't throw them off the table haha)...and then the spoons are the perfect size for baby and even turns white if the food is too hot.

The food feeder was fun, especially in the summertime. I would put frozen blueberries or strawberries inside, but it would get pretty messy so I recommend using it outside.


If you can't tell already, I buy pretty much EVERYTHING off Amazon. Brynlee's favorite toys are the Sit to Stand Walker (I think this is what helped Brynlee walk by 10 months), the crawl ball, the magnets (we place them on the fridge so when I am cooking in the kitchen, Brynlee has a fun time moving them all around, her many books (the Indestructible series is tear-proof and machine washable), and her bath toys (especially the penguin and boats).


Brynlee LOVED all of these toys. (especially the Sophie Giraffe...there is a reason why it has over 6,000 Amazon reviews).


Again, I buy everything off Amazon! The big white bow is what Brynlee wore at her baby blessing. I didn't ever use the baby scratch mittens because Brynlee wouldn't scratch herself as a newborn, but I'm glad I had them on hand just in case ;) We bought an inflatable pool for our backyard so I really liked having reusable swim diapers instead of the disposable kind.

I also enjoy shopping at Carters and Gymboree.