Northern California Mountains | Weaver Bally | Weaverville California

November 20, 2018


We ventured up the mountains to Weaver Bally (It's by Weaverville California in Trinity County) a few nights ago to see the same view that we saw when we flew out for Jared's CA job interview. The last place we thought we would end up was California...and Northern CA?! We couldn't have imagined the opportunities and blessings that were in store for us. We took the interview as a fun little getaway and surprisingly felt so at peace with moving here. It wasn't easy (hello flashback to life's biggest stressors....graduating, new job, moving, (Jared moving out to start the job before I could), AND just getting pregnant...all in a few weeks of each other!) But I will always remember sitting in church and someone made the comment that changed everything. He said how the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost isn't just a warning's a guiding light!!! And that is when Jared and I knew that we were being GUIDED to move to our cute, small town up in the mountains. We just felt so much peace...and since then we have seen blessing after blessing of God's hands in our lives. Whether you are at a crossroads right now or just thinking about a big decision in life, remember that you are never alone. Sometimes you have to walk to the very edge of the darkness of uncertainty...and then maybe even a few more steps into the darkness...AND THEN the light will come on before you. And as a dear friends of mine would always say, "Keep on, keeping on, sister!"


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