Blessed Momma

November 13, 2018




“The hard moments may OUTNUMBER the perfect moments in motherhood...but the perfect moments will always OUTWEIGH the hard moments.”-@3in30podcast

Isn’t that TRUTH!!!! Motherhood is challenging physically, mentally, emotionally...and everything else in between but OH, it’s sooo worth it. I’m loving this time of year where there is an emphasis on expressing gratitude. 

For the last two weeks now, part of my “miracle morning” routine is to say a list of gratitude to myself and then a list of daily affirmations (you believe what you think) and in that affirmation, I always say “I’m a blessed mom!” 

So what better way to have that as a constant reminder than to put it on a T-shirt?! Go check out LouandMimi's beautifully designed T-shirt’s (that are also SO comfortable and affordable)!! Jaime is so talented and I wish I could just buy all of her T-shirt’s 😆...the designs are inspiring, clever, and reminds you to have humor in motherhood. 

These make cute gifts for the holidays coming up too!!!! (Jaime also custom designed matching T-shirt’s for our family that I’m excited to stay tuned!)

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