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Baby's First Halloween | Learned How To Walk | October 2018 VLOG

October FLEW this is just really random videos that we have taken the last couple of weeks that I compiled together. I've fallen behind on our videos.... YouTube moms...I don't know how you keep up with everything...and I only have one kid! But really I have loved the connections that I've made so far from being on YouTube.

If you are a YouTube family, comment below so I can check out your channel and so other people watching this video can connect with you too!

As a little overview: We celebrated Brynlee's First Halloween! We dressed up as the story book, "5 Little Monkeys", one little monkey jumping on the bed, one fell off and hit her momma called the doctor and the doctor said, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Here are the links to our costumes:

Baby Monkey Costume:

5 Little Monkeys Book:

Monkey Ears:

Brynlee was also a good sport and she let me put her inside a pumpkin for a cute picture....she honestly hated to be in it...she hates being restrained...but she did give me a few cute pictures inside the pumpkin before she lost it. We had fun carving the pumpkin out and we have been OBSESSED with this pumpkin spice mix.

(I can't find the exact one that we have- Wild Roots Pumpkin Spice Mix- on Costco or Amazon's website...maybe because it is seasonal? But, this pumpkin spice mix off Amazon is the closest thing:

You can make pumpkin cookies, waffles, and bread....but our favorite is the pumpkin chocolate chip's totally a staple food item in our house right now.

Brynlee is also walking! We took a few videos of her learning how to walk and it's fun to see how FAST she progressed in just a few weeks from taking a few steps by herself to now walking all by herself across the park.

I also want to showcase Brynlee's DockATot because I think every mom needs one of these!

As a newborn baby, I honestly think Brynlee slept BETTER because of her DockATot. The first week home from the hospital was ROUGH. Brynlee couldn’t sleep longer than an hour at a time! We got the DockATot and the first night, she slept 4 hours! 😲 by 3 months, she slept the whole night! There are two types of DockATots...the Deluxe for up to 9 months and then the Grand for 9-36 months.

Watch our previous video for more info on the

DockATot Deluxe Review

We took Brynlee’s deluxe DockATot everywhere...I love how portable it is! We would take it around our house, to friend’s houses, on airplanes, hotels, trips...and I LOVE multifunctional it is. (It helped with tummy time, relaxing, as a changing area, AND sleeping.)

We are now using the Grand DockATot, and I still love how portable it is and how it is helping transition Brynlee to sleep in her crib!! 🙌

(If you do want to travel with it, they do have a travel bag for it...I didn’t know they had them until more weird stares as I take my DockATot in a huge garbage bag through airport security 😆)

Click on DockATot's website to learn more:

And here is a link to DockATot's website for $10 off:

We try to go on a little adventure every weekend. We live up in the mountains so it's not too hard to find a lake or a fun hiking trail to go to. Last week, we FINALLY made it to WhiskeyTown Lake by Redding, is stunning!

Jared got some really beautiful drone footage that you can watch here:

My favorite thing Brynlee is doing right now is she is starting to is the cutest thing ever. Here are some cute videos I've taken lately. She is ALMOST a YEAR! Comment below if you want to share any cute ideas you have done for baby's first birthday.

Thanks for watching our video! Hit that subscribe button and we'll see you next time!

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