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Bellefit Postpartum Corset

Things 🛑NOT 🛑 to say to a pregnant lady: “Wow! Are you having twins?! Really? Are you SURE you aren’t having twins?....Alright, I bet you must be having a big baby boy! You must be due any day now....You could poke an eye out with that belly!”....”Wow, you just keep getting bigger and bigger!”.....”I don’t see how it will be possible for you to get any bigger....”

Okay, guys! Aren’t these comments crazy?! Those comments are things that people said to me while pregnant 🤣 and I’m sure I’m not alone with hearing crazy comments. My blog post titled “Big Belly” explains more of my thoughts with all that if you want to read more. ​

​ But, here is the thing....although you should NEVER say those things to a pregnant woman 😆....let’s just stick to “congrats on your baby! That’s it 😉)...I am fully aware that I did have a BIG PREGNANT BELLY!! Some factors that played a role in my belly was how Brynlee was positioned, how much weight I gained during my first trimester, and genetics. Because I carried so big and forward, I developed a bad case of diastasis recti (ab separation)....and I was told after delivering Brynlee that it would be a long road to getting my figure back. Having a big belly while pregnant is rough, but having a big belly months after baby is even more rough. ​

​ I tried different wraps and corsets but they didn’t help the back pain from not having abs and didn’t show any signs of improvement. SOOO I gave the Bellefit Corset a try AND you has made ALL of the difference.

Not only can I fit in my old clothes again (and people don’t ask if I’m pregnant again 😉), the corset helps reduce uterus swelling as well as supporting and compressing the core to help close the ab muscle gap caused by diastasis recti. The Bellefit is my #1 postpartum product...and I’m pretty sure I’m their favorite costumer because I’ve bought 5 corsets now (from an X-L-M-S-XS). I can’t recommend Bellefit enough to all of my friends! ​

​ Use code “FIFELIFE30” for $30 off your corset and let me know if you have any questions!! ✌️

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