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Patrick's Point State Park

Patrick's Point State Park was gorgeous! It is a 640 acre park in the center of Redwoods right on the coast! We also explored Agate Beach (we found some agates!) and Wedding Rock (which is the first part of the video....seriously just so beautiful!) There were hiking trails and also a modeled look of the olden Yurok Indian Village. The forests are filled with spruce, pine, fir, red alder, and hemlock. I loved the sandy beaches with dramatic cliffs and rocks everywhere!

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We definitely want to go back and camp (glamp ;) sometime!=

When the Carr Fire happened last week, our power went out. We heard that they didn’t know if it would last a few hours...a few days...or a few weeks! Instead of staying indoors (it was over 100 degrees and too smokey to be outside!) with no AC...we decided to pack our bags and go on a spontaneous camping trip to the coast! We left later than we thought, and with the 2 hour drive and stops along the way for Brynlee, (Anti-carseat baby!) we arrived at the campsite at 9:30pm...and it was all full. Oops! We looked at other campsites. Which were all full.....then we looked for hotels. Which were ALL full. Then we looked at motels...which were ALL full! We called over 20 hotels/motels just crossing our fingers...please just have 1 room!!!!....we felt like Mary and Joseph with there being no room in the inn. 😂 We parked our car in front of a RV Park (which was full) and the manager came out and even he was calling around for us. (We even thought, maybe he will let us camp in his front yard! ;)) After about an hour of figuring everything out, (calling and soothing a tired, worn out baby), we finally found a small, old motel 30 minutes in the opposite direction with 1 room available! Since we were with friends, we shared a one bedroom motel with two pack n plays crammed in the room while we tried to tune out the loud highway noise right outside our window and me being paranoid about bed bugs the whole night. Haha... after a crazy night, we made up for it by having a blast exploring Patrick’s Point the next day....until we had to hurry back to get our things ready for a possible evacuation. ;)

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