What is the Binxy Baby Shopping Hammock? | Mom Hacks

For months, I wouldn’t go shopping unless Jared came with Brynlee and I or Jared stayed home and watched Brynlee so I could go alone. How do people shop with a huge car seat taking up their whole cart?.....So, I discovered a little secret that makes shopping with baby 100 times easier. It’s called the Binxy Baby.

The Binxy Baby is a shopping cart hammock (genius, right?!) It stretches to fit most standard size carts and made to hold up to 50 lbs. It will safely hold your baby (it even has a seat belt) or you can put the car seat in it...AND you are still able to fit your shopping in the cart! The hammock has a gentle incline to support baby’s head, and I love how Brynlee can still see me and around the store as I shop. (I also love how compact it is that I can roll it up to fit in my diaper bag). It’s a shopping with baby must-have!! See our YouTube video below. :)

To learn more and receive 10% off the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock, visit:

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