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Baby Must-Have: Lalabu Soothe Shirt

Let's talk about baby carriers.

There are SO many to choose from..

I discovered that so many baby carriers just looked....well, complicated. Knots, adjustments, buckles, ties....

I didn't want to take extra time just to put it on, have a second person there to help me, or have to watch a YouTube tutorial to remember how to properly use it.

Introducing....The Lalabu Soothe Shirt

It is not necessarily a baby carrier, but it is better...

It is a babywearing shirt that is a nursing tank (with a built-in nursing bra) for mom while being a carrying pouch for your baby.

There is no wrapping, buckling, or tying. All you have to do is put on the shirt and slip baby inside... kangaroo-style. (It is recommended you keep one hand on baby at all times.)

The pouch is designed to safely hold your baby when they are 7-15 pounds. (So, usually babies can fit up until 3 months old). The shirt is comfortable and breathable! I feel like a lot of carriers smother the baby making them more heated and sweaty, but the Lalabu Soothe shirt has an inner mesh panel that is comfortable and safe. The shirt also has extra built-in adjustable head support fabric and a pouch extender that fits your growing baby's size.

I like how the shirt is stretchy, but tight-fitting. It holds in my postpartum belly while holding my baby safe and secure.

I love how I can go outside, run errands, and do things around the house all while having Brynlee so close to me. She is such a snuggly baby. I love how the Soothe shirt can help me comfort her and be another wonderful nursing tank for breastfeeding.

A few things to consider: Make sure you measure your size before buying a shirt. It is meant to be tight-fitting, but if you do buy it too small, Lalabu's customer service team will help you exchange sizes for free. They recommend to wait until you are 3 weeks postpartum to put the shirt on because your body will drastically change in those initial postpartum weeks. (For me personally, I had to wait until I was 6 weeks to fit in my shirt---but that is because I gained more weight than average).

AND: Lalabu offers the first babywearing shirt for cool is that? They also just came out with Lalabu leggings. The leggings are slimming and comfortable with a compression panel that supports your postpartum belly.

Lalabu also gives back with every purchase to their "For New Lives" campaign. You can choose to select whether you want a portion of your purchase to go towards supporting adoption, empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa, fund conception assistance, or invest in giving back to start-up companies.

To learn more about Lalabu and to buy you own soothe shirt, visit their website at:

This post was written in collaboration with Lalabu. Everything mentioned is my personal review and opinion.

AND we just bought a new drone! Here are some fun shots we got on the drone while we were on a little adventure.....featuring my lovely Soothe Shirt :)

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