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Must-Have Pregnancy Items: Pink Stork

I love this company!

When I started to feel morning sickness in my first trimester of pregnancy, I felt miserable!

I started searching online for remedies and came across reviews from this company called Pink Stork. The founder of Pink Stork had hyperemesis gravidarum, which is extreme morning sickness, with three babies and found products that drastically improved her last two pregnancies. Hence, Pink Stork was born.

Now, I did not have hyperemesis, and can not imagine going to the hospital all the time needing IVs to help hydrate my body just to live. But, I still had a miserable amount of nausea where I felt like I couldn't function as well.

When I read more about the company and learned about their total-body approach, I loved how their products were not just masking symptoms but helping heal the cause of the problem.

Pink Stork's approach is all about helping the gut and finding relief from pregnancy pains through improving the gastrointestinal tract.

I bought Pink Stork's pregnancy starter bundle and felt a drastic difference with just those three items in that bundle. Throughout my pregnancy, I bought more Pink Stork items and near the end of it, Pink Stork gifted me a few products in exchange for honest review.

Here is a compiled list of my opinion and experience with all the Pink Stork products that I have used.

1) Prenatal Probiotic

My favorite product is the probiotic. I could tell a huge difference after I would take this in the morning. For me, it didn't eliminate my nausea entirely, but it greatly decreased it and helped me go from not being able to get out of bed in the morning to feeling functional again.

You kind of forget what it feels like to feel "normal" when you feel sick for so long. This probiotic is what helped me feel more normal again.

2) Cocolaurin

The cocolaurin is an immune booster from organic coconuts. Pregnancy is weird because I didn't have a problem with swallowing vitamins, but I had a difficult time swallowing the cocolaurin at times. They are in little beadlets so although it took me a while to feel okay taking them, I think it really does boost the immune system.

When I would start feeling sick during pregnancy and even now being postpartum, I will take the coclaurin and feel better.

3) Morning Mist

I also loved the morning mist. The mist is an on-the-spot morning sickness spray that provides transdermal magnesium through the skin. I would use the mist every morning and especially while traveling to help fight off nausea.

4) Prenatal Vitamin

A prenatal vitamin is a pregnancy must! Pink Stork offers an organic prenatal vitamin capsule and also a liquid prenatal vitamin.

4) Liquid Prenatal Vitamin

I actually like the liquid prenatal vitamin taste so I preferred taking that, but this can be especially useful for you mommas that have trouble swallowing vitamins while pregnant. They also say that liquid vitamins are proven to absorb 98% better than pills, gummies, or chewable vitamins.

5) Labor and Delivery Tea

I've never loved drinking tea, but thought I would give this one a try. It's so good!!! It's caffeine free and you can drink it hot or cold. It helps prepare your body with 100% organic herbs by strengthening and toning the uterus for the labor and delivery process.

I carried my baby full-term and ended up needing to be induced. Inductions can be hard and long, especially for a first time baby. I still had a crazy labor, but I felt like the last stage of labor of actually pushing the baby out was way easier than I expected. It only took me about 20 minutes of pushing while the average for a first time mom is 1-2 hours of pushing. (I think the tea really helped!)

6) Prenatal Essential Oil

The essential oil is 100% peppermint oil that helped me feel better when I was nauseous or motion sick while traveling. It also helped relieve headaches, stress, and anxiety. I also love using the oil on the essential oil necklace.

7) Essential Oil Necklace

Being pregnant made me sensitive to smells, so I love how you can pour a few drops of any oil on this small lava rock, put it inside the necklace, and smell the scent for days. They say that the oils containing ginger, peppermint, and lemon oil are recommended for morning sickness relief and then lavender and sandalwood are recommended for nursing.

8) DHA

The DHA vitamin is essential to support baby’s nervous system brain and eye development. Pink Stork's website also explains how DHA has an impact on baby’s hand-eye coordination, motor skills and attention span! I like how the DHA vitamin only contains fish oil (the omega 3 fatty acid), gelatin, glycerin, and purified water.

9) True Milk

Now, breastfeeding. I gained a ton of weight during pregnancy and surprisingly, I'm loosing it quickly. I've been worried about loosing my milk supply so I started taking True Milk, which is an herbal lactation support supplement, and I can tell a huge difference whenever I take it.

It contains 6 organic, non-GMO herbs. It almost gives me too much milk, so I can't take it every day but I know it definitely has worked for me. There is also a Nursing Mother's Tea called Liquid Gold.

10) Liquid Gold

Pink Stork says that the Liquid Gold tea promotes relief from colic in your baby, as well as baby’s gas and indigestion. Because each sachet contains 3x the amount of tea as standard tea bags, each sachet can be used three times for a total of 90 cups.


I highly recommend Pink Stork to any pregnant momma or momma to be. It greatly helped me throughout my pregnancy to endure all of the aches, struggles, sickness, and fatigue that is involved with pregnancy. I think that any product that make pregnancy less of a struggle is worth it!

You can read more about the research and see more of Pink Stork products at their website: Pictures and research information was taken from their website.

Watch my product review YouTube video here:


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