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Must-Have Baby Item: The Ollie Swaddle

Another Baby Must-Have is a swaddle blanket.

Swaddling can help babies sleep better because it decreases the chance of waking up due to their startle reflex and provides warmth and comfort.

When Brynlee was first born, I tried using muslin blankets to make a swaddle blanket, but Brynlee would wiggle around and push her arms out causing it to become loose.

(During her naps, I could easily watch her during the day to make sure the blankets didn't come loose and then over her head, but it especially made me nervous to use a swaddle out of a blanket at night.)

I tried different kinds of velco swaddle blankets and my favorite is the Ollie Swaddle. Ollie World gifted us an Ollie Swaddle in exchange for an honest review.

To use the Ollie Swaddle, you need to first place the baby's head at the top of the Ollie where the material curves. Fold the right side over and then tuck it behind your baby's right side. Then, pull the left side and attach the hook and loop to fit your baby's size.

Most importantly, when you pull the sides over make sure it is below the shoulders. This way there isn't too much fabric bunched up around their face and it isn't constraining the shoulder joints.

I love how the Ollie Swaddle has heavy duty velco on the sides to make sure she can't break the swaddle. The velco is really strong!!

It is made out of moisture-wicking material to reduce the risk of babies overheating. Other heavier swaddle blankets made Brynlee wake up sweating at night, but the Ollie provides comfort without overheating her.

Brynlee sleeps even better at night with the Ollie Swaddle. I also like how it is meant to grow with your baby. Other swaddling blankets come in different sizes causing you to buy a new swaddle blanket that is bigger every few months. It's nice how the Ollie Swaddle lets you tie a knot at the bottom to custom fit your baby's size.

You can easily undo the knot for fast diaper changes, but still keep the velco in place over her body.

I would rate the Ollie Swaddle a 4.5/5 stars. The only reason why I would deduct half a point is because of the price being about $60.

But, although the price may seem high at first glance, I have to take into consideration how many separate swaddle blankets I would be buying as my baby gets bigger. The Ollie Swaddle lets you buy one swaddle for as long as your baby wants to be swaddled.

I like how it comes with a machine washable bag to safely wash the Olllie Swaddle.

To learn more about the Ollie Swaddle, you can visit their webpage at or their Instagram @theollieworld.

If you want 10% off your purchase at The Ollie World, use this specific link:

To view our product review video, you can watch it here:

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