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Breastfeeding | Featuring "Mommyz Love"

I feel like you hear a lot of things before you have a baby, but it doesn't fully make sense until you have your baby.....and breastfeeding was one of those things for me.

Breastfeeding was harder than I imagined it to be. One of the reasons we had to stay in the hospital an extra day was because Brynlee wasn't eating very well. But, with some help and practice, along with some tools I received from the company MommyzLove, breastfeeding quickly became easier, less painful, and more enjoyable!

Mommyz Love offers useful breastfeeding products and has created a social network community for breastfeeding mommas. The founder is passionate about teaching others about breastfeeding and is launching a breastfeeding tutorial course to help other moms learn together while forming a support team.

You can learn more on their website.

The Mommyz Love products and tools helped me with my transition to breastfeeding, so I have teamed up with Mommyz Love to giveaway a breastfeeding starter kit bundle.

The bundle includes gel nursing pads for hot/cold therapy, organic bamboo washable nursing pads, nipple balm for breastfeeding relief, and a 4 in 1 Multi-Use Nursing Cover.

To enter the giveaway, visit our instagram page @the_fife_life.

Here are the featured products that I have used and loved:

FIRST: Mommyz Love Nipple Cream

This nipple balm is a great way to prevent sore and cracked nipples. I haven't had any issues with breastfeeding problems that many women experience and think a lot of it is thanks to this balm.

It has the consistency of coconut oil, which is the main ingredient. It feels soothing and restorative. I would apply this balm once in the morning and felt like its benefits lasted throughout the day, even with feeding every few hours.

SECOND: Washable Nursing Pads

This is my favorite must-have breastfeeding item. I highly recommend these, especially during those first few months when breastfeeding can be a little messy.

I tried disposable nursing pads and they were so uncomfortable and would get displaced. The Mommyz Love nursing pads are machine washable, comfortable, soft, made with organic fiber bamboo, and stays in place.

The front is soft and easily absorbs liquid and the back is made of microfiber, so it prevents any leakage.

It comes with a carrying case and a laundry bag. The carrying case has two pouches to separate the clean and dirty pads and the laundry bag is helpful so you don't loose the pads in the washing machine.

The package comes with 8 pads for daytime use and 4 for night time use. The daytime pads have 3 layers to them and the nighttime pads have 4 layers. The nighttime pads feel thicker, but to help you remember, the daytime pads have lighter colors than the night pads, which are darker colors.

THIRD: Hot/Cold Pack

I actually didn't personally need to use this while breastfeeding . Because I was trying to nurse Brynlee so often I never got too engorged. I like how it also can be used for anything else you might need a cold/heat pack for and how the protective sleeve helps the pack not irritate my skin.

FOURTH: Multi-Use Cover

I love how this cover is multi-faceted! This can be used as a nursing cover but also for a car seat, shopping cart, or high chair. It's soft, durable, and machine washable. I love how I can use it wherever I go. The cover makes it so much easier to just nurse her where I am instead of leaving or finding somewhere else to feed her.

If you are interested in Mommyz Love products, use the promo code "MOMMYZ15" for 15% off your purchase.

This post was written in collaboration with Mommyz Love.

You can watch my product review on YouTube below:

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