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Maternity Photoshoot: Pink Blush


We have now officially reached the single digits!

Now, being pregnant is not what I had fully expected. I felt like I had this ideal picture with high expectations in my mind. In some ways it has been better than anticipated, but in others, it has been far from it.

I have learned that yes, pregnancy is hard with managing emotions, weight, and new challenges. Sometimes I feel like I am especially hard on myself with how much weight I have gained, how many stretch marks have scarred my body, and not being able to do things that I did previously.

THEN....I remember what a privilege it is to be a mother and truly the miracle that it is to be a part of something so grand!!!! And how I would do anything for our little baby girl. How I can't wait to hold her, hug her, kiss her, and love on her. I am soooooo excited for her to join our little family and that has made pregnancy WORTH it.

With that being said, there is no secret that I have gained a TON of weight during my pregnancy. I've literally had to buy a whole new "pregnancy wardrobe." I tried to make due with the clothes I had pre-pregnancy and that only made me more discouraged knowing how much weight I was gaining so rapidly.

One of my friends suggested I looked at a company called Pink Blush.


I seriously have been living in Pink Blush dresses for the past five months.

I love this company not only for their beautiful, high quality dresses that actually feel comfortable AND look cute, but for what they stand for.

They really highlight how every woman, regardless of size or shape, deserves to wear something beautiful, stylish, and affordable. (Especially in pregnancy!!!)

I think that Pink Blush does a wonderful job highlighting the modern woman whether being women who are mothers to women employed in the workplace.

Pink Blush has maternity and non-maternity women's clothing and I love how you can find a variety of different clothing to fit your personality, style, and clothing for specific occasions- like your baby shower, holidays, casual wear, or even delivery robes.

I wasn't sure whether I wanted a maternity photoshoot, but so happy I decided to finally do it!

I want to remember this special time I have been given to carry our baby these last 9 months. I am in love with my dress (from you guessed it...Pink Blush ;)

This dress helped make me feel beautiful while feeling comfortable and stylish. The dress I am wearing is called, "Burgundy Damask Colorblock Long Sleeve Maternity Maxi Dress."

You can find it by clicking, HERE!

Counting down the days to meet our sweet baby girl!



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