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10 Must-Have Pregnancy Products

CONGRATS! You are pregnant!

Whether you are in your first, second, or third trimester, you have probably already realized that pregnancy is filled with its ups and downs.

During my first and second trimester, I felt like I was constantly asking friends who already had babies, "What helped you survive your pregnancy?!"

Now, entering my last month of pregnancy, I have tried all kinds of advice and suggestions. Some products I loved while others I felt were a waste of money.

Every woman will experience pregnancy and have different wants and needs according to her own preferences, but here is my list of

10 "must-have" pregnancy products that were life savors for me

during my first pregnancy.

To support the Fife Life blog, with no extra cost for you, use the affiliate links that are included in this post if you are interested in buying any of these products.

All items listed are what I have used and positively recommend to others.

1) Anti-Nausea Must: Sea-Band

These acupressure wrist bands are definitely a must! I wore sea bands for years when I would occasionally get sick, but I felt like I didn't fully appreciate them until that first trimester.

I recommend getting about 2-3 of them because if you are like me, you will be wearing them constantly for weeks. It is always nice to have extra pairs if you want to still wear sea bands while you put a set in the wash.

2) Napping Must: Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

This Eye Mask and Ear Plugs are the BEST! I've had pregnancy insomnia at night and it is no fun struggling to take a nap during the day because of light coming through windows or noisy outside noise.

I also like how the mask doesn't smudge make-up or crease eyelashes like other masks usually do.

3) Traveling Must: Compression Socks

These compressions socks were life savors! We did quite a bit of traveling during my pregnancy and I learned the hard way of how uncomfortable traveling can be while pregnant.

I felt so uncomfortable on our first road trip, so I bought these for our next one. Although I feel like a granny whenever I wear them, they significantly prevent swelling and cramping in my legs during long airplane and car rides.

4) Phone Must: OtterBox Case

This is probably not the typical product you see on a must-have pregnancy list.

BUT, I had to put it on here because this has SAVED my phone countless times due to my pregnancy brain/extra clumsiness.

Also, I thought I would invest in a good phone case now if my baby accidentally gets my phone and throws/drops/or spits up on it.

5) Sleep Must: Body Pillow

Invest in a good BODY PILLOW!

There are plenty of options, covers, and brands to choose from, so choose what fits your needs the best.

(Also, amazing to take with you while traveling!)

6) Body Must: Massaging Thera Cane

This Thera Cane is AWESOME!

When I feel achy and have tight muscles, I'll use this to help alleviate knots and tension in my neck, back, and legs.

(This especially helps prevent bad headaches from muscle tension!)

7) Morning Must: Neti Pot Rinse with Saline Solution

Oh, this neti pot.

With the rise in hormonal changes and estrogen levels, many times pregnant women feel overly congested.

There are different types of saline solutions, but I would use this one sometimes 2-3 times a day and feel immediate relief from congestion. YES!

8) Fashion Must: Dresses from Jane

Jane's dresses are affordable and cute! They have a selection of maternity dresses, but also you can just go up a size or two and buy other dresses.

Wearing dresses was a life savor to survive the summer- especially in HOT California. Even with the weather cooling down now, I still prefer wearing dresses every day because of how comfortable they are to wear.

I love how wearing a new dress always brightens my day. It pays off to invest in some cute new dresses to help you through the 9 months of pregnancy, especially when you outgrow your pre-pregnancy dresses.

(In just a few more days, from November 6-8, Jane is releasing new knit holiday dresses for $22.99!) You can see them (starting on Monday) by clicking on the link HERE.

9) Marriage Must: BABY MOON!

Alright, another not your typical must-have on a pregnancy list. But, really! :)

Once you get pregnant, your life AND your husband's life changes. Take advantage of the opportunities that you have to go on a spontaneous getaway with just the two of you.

It won't be your last vacation forever.....but the next vacation may not be for a few months after baby is born, so that is why a babymoon is a must!

I recommend planning a baby moon during your second trimester while you will most likely have more energy to travel and have fun.

We went to San Fransisco for our baby moon and had a blast. You can watch our travel video on our YouTube channel at: BabyMoon: San Francisco.

10) Morning Sickness Must: Pink Stork Prenatal Probiotic

Pink Stork SAVED me by taking the edge off of morning (aka- all day) sickness. The website explains that this probiotic works because it inhibits harmful bacterias, like H. pylori, which results in a healthier GI tract and provides relief from morning sickness.

I felt like this probiotic was the key to actually keeping food down in my stomach. WITH THAT......I wanted to do a little GIVEAWAY!

Through Amazon Giveaway, one person will be randomly selected to win:

1 Pink Stork Pro Prenatal Probiotic.

You can enter the giveaway, by clicking on THIS link.

You will need to:

1) Watch our latest YouTube video

2) Subscribe to our YouTube channel

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The Fife Life has paid for the prize, sales tax, and shipping. Entry requires an account. Amazon will ship the prize to the winner. The winner's name may be made public. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Must be 18+. 1 winner will be randomly selected after the giveaway ends. The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond. This giveaway starts November 3, 2017 and

will end Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST.

To read more of Amazon Giveaway's official rules, click on this link:


There are my 10 must-have pregnancy products!

What has helped you in your pregnancy?

Comment below!



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